Band-Aid First Aid Non-Stick Pads - 8 Pack



First Aid Non-Stick Pads are ideal for covering and protecting wounds.


First Aid Non-Stick Pads are designed in 3 layers. The top layer protects from dirt and germs and helps prevent leakage. The non-stick surface is specially coated so that the pad won't stick to the wound. The soft absorbent core cushions and protects the wound from re-injury. 


For best results: 

1. Clean - cleanse the injured area gently and thoroughly to ensure the wound is clean. First Aid Multi-Purpose Gauze Pads can be used to help cleanse the wound. 
2. Treat - apply an antiseptic over the wound to minimise the chance of infection. 
3. Protect - cover the area completely with a First Aid Non-Stick Pad to help absorb fluids. Tape sides to firmly secure the pad and help seal out dirt and germs. First Aid Non-Irritating Paper Tape is recommended.