Band-Aid First Aid Gauze Roll 2.3m



First Aid Gauze is the ideal wrap for securing dressings on hard to bandage areas.


Rolled Gauze is stretchable to provide freedom of movement while remaining securely wrapped as the unique material clings to itself. Designed for wounds that are too large for a Brand Adhesive Strip.


For best results:

1. Clean - cleanse the injured area gently and thoroughly to ensure the wound is clean. First Aid Gauze Pads can be used to help cleanse the wound. 
2. Treat - apply an antiseptic over the wound to minimize the chance of infection. 
3. Protect - cover the area completely with a First Aid Multi-Purpose Gauze Pad or Non-Stick Pad to help absorb fluids. Wrap First Aid Rolled Gauze to firmly secure pad and help seal out dirt and germs. Tape end to secure.